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Tori Corts: Sideline Interview

Posted in: Falkirk Farm News

On Course with Tori Corts
By Jan Westmark

Tori Corts grew up in Central Valley, New York and didn’t discover riding until six years ago. “I started riding late compared to most riders in this industry,” Tori said, adding that her first mount was a very bad pony that she rode for about a year. Following a year with her naughty pony, Tori’s riding career took a turn for the better when she started riding with Todd Minikus. “I pretty much went from crossrails to children’s jumpers immediately,” she said. Tori’s family owns Falkirk Farm in New York, which features a golf club, equestrian center, restaurant and wedding venue, and Tori has lived there since she was a baby. Her dad built the barn for her when she started riding and for five years Todd was based out of Falkirk and Tori had the opportunity to ride with him every day. With her junior career behind her, Tori has started riding with trainer Marshall Fields. “It’s a big change moving up to the grand prixs and Marshall has been a tremendous help in the short period of time we have been working together,” Tori said. “My horses have never jumped better and my riding has improved. He has given me confidence and is very committed. So far it has been a lot of fun.”

Sidelines: What was your junior career like?

TC: My first horse was Bebe (Quali De Bd) and I moved up to the low junior jumpers with him. We won quite a bit together. I retired him a few years ago and he lives at home on our farm. I also leased an amazing horse named Orkan. I won a great deal with him in the children and low divisions. My biggest accomplishments in my junior career would probably be winning both the Marshall & Sterling Children’s Jumper Classic and the NAL Classic the same weekend at the Sussex horse show. It was my first night class so it was pretty exciting.

Sidelines: As an Adult Amateur, what horses are you showing?

TC: I have four incredible horses at the moment — Ultimo, Rockstar, Bodyguard and Tempo. I show Tempo in the low amateur/owner jumpers and the other three in the highs and grand prix’s.

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